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With your help, we’ve hit our target for our chosen charity!

We first introduced our Charity Introduction Incentive in May last year. We’ve had several client introductions throughout the year, including seven in the last six months. Initially, we set ourselves the target to raise £1,000 and have exceeded that.

In total, you’ve helped us raise £1,350 for St John’s Hospice, a local charity that provides free palliative care to patients with life-shortening conditions.

We’d like to thank every one of our clients who’ve introduced a friend, family member or colleague to us and have helped us make these donations.

So, what’s next?

As we’ve beaten our target for the year, we’ve decided to carry on supporting St John’s Hospice for another year. It’s thanks to your referrals that we’ve been able to raise such a substantial amount for the charity.

It’d be fantastic to keep the momentum of the referrals going. Read about the types of clients we help below to see if you know anyone that we can help.

An update from us

We wanted to update you on a few things here at Advice Matters and tell you about some of the people we’ve helped recently.

We’d like to give a quick shout-out to our clients and accountants Di, Dennis, Linda, Jane, Phil, Bill and Elizabeth and Peter Wood for recommending us over the past couple of months.

Recommendations to other people allow us to share our expertise and provide peace of mind when it comes to helping our new clients achieve their goals.

An insight into how we’ve been able to help some of our clients recently:

RG was a lottery winner of a substantial amount. She wanted help managing several aspects, including investment of funds and Inheritance Tax (IHT). We provided advice to RG as she was experiencing some personal hardship around the same time as receiving the sum of money. Chris keeps in regular contact to understand their needs and path out their portfolio of investments.

MD was referred to us as he is close to retirement. He wanted to work with Chris to envisage what retired life could look like in the future. Chris and the team produced a cashflow model, which showed how he could move forward with his retirement plans. This has provided MD with some valuable information to base his decisions on moving forward.

Our latest reviews: To help you feel confident introducing people to us

It’s fantastic to see so many clients have been leaving reviews for us on both VouchedFor and Google. We know how important it is to have proof to back up your recommendations, so here are our latest reviews:

  • We currently have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on VouchedFor, following 82 reviews
  • We’re a VouchedFor Top Rated Firm for 2022. This is a huge achievement that we couldn’t have reached without you
  • We’re also now up to 8 Google reviews, with an average score of 5/5.

If you have left a Google review, could we ask you to spare five minutes to leave us a VouchedFor review too? Unlike some other review systems, VouchedFor reviews do not publish your name, only your general location.

To leave Chris a review, please click here.

And vice versa, if you have left us a VouchedFor review, please spare a few minutes to leave us a Google review; it’s an opportunity to share the experience you’ve had with Advice Matters. If you’re happy to leave a Google review, please click here.

Who should you introduce us to?

You’ll know other people, including friends, relatives, and work colleagues who we can help. So, here’s a little more information on who we work with.

We will guide clients every step of the way to ensure the financial decisions they make will lead to a happy, stable and fulfilling future for them and their families.

With this in mind, we typically work with people who are:

Approaching retirement: Perhaps your family member has received their annual pension statement and realised that this just got real – retirement is no longer in the dim and distant future. Now’s the time to think about when and how they’ll retire.

Business owners: Maybe your friend has had enough of the long hours and the responsibility. Perhaps they’ve received the offer of a lifetime. If so, then now is the time to put together a plan with a financial planner they can trust.

Here’s what to do if you want to recommend someone to us

We’re always happy to chat with people who you think we can help. So, if you know friends, relatives and work colleagues who we can help, please put them in touch with us. We look forward to giving them the same peace of mind that, hopefully, you have after working with us.

We’ve recently introduced our Introduction Incentive Programme. For every person you recommend to us who books an initial meeting, we’ll make a £50 charitable donation on your behalf to St John’s Hospice.

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