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Why we are so pleased to be a ‘Vouched-For Top Adviser’ for another year

We are delighted to say that for the 2nd year running, we have been named by Vouched-For as a top- rated adviser.

It is always lovely to get recognition but why is this so special to us, apart from the kudos of seeing your name in the Times Newspaper, of course?

It is because it comes about through your reviews. Every time one of our lovely clients, both long-standing and new, posts a review, our scores add up. Reading why and how we have helped make a difference to your life is what makes it all worthwhile.

Let’s face it, money per se, is not what makes the world go round. Yes, a healthy bank balance is reassuring and certainly not having enough money is very difficult but it is what you do with it that makes a difference.

At Advice Matters Financial Planning, we help people work towards retirement. Retirement means so many things to different people: travel, family, adventure or just taking life a little easier than the 9-5. It could mean selling your business or handing it on to the next generation.

Or you may not wish to retire outright but just take it a bit easier, or spend time doing other things than work, such as volunteering, exploring or even studying.

Whatever you want your life to look like, it helps knowing you can afford it.

We love to hear when a client has bought a camper van and is off round the countryside, or that the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ helped their kids on the property ladder.

Recently we have had clients move to France, Devon and the Welsh Countryside – whilst lots stayed in our lovely Lakes – just looking to take life a bit easier, although mountain-biking is not our idea of taking things easy!

We have a lovely family firm looking to sell out early after some years of dedicated planning, plus one client who was never going to retire now taking the plunge, once he knew he could.

We have new clients, children and grandchildren of our long-standing clients starting on their personal financial journey and we are so happy to help them.

All this is why we thank you for your reviews and are so happy to once again be one of the UK’s top-rated advisers.

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