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The toys topping Santa’s list this Christmas

If you’re struggling for Christmas inspiration when searching for gifts for children, then don’t panic, there’s sure to be something that will delight them in this list.

Despite the current economic uncertainty, new research by Rakuten Advertising has found families still plan to celebrate with gifts. Seven in ten people plan to spend the same amount over the festive period as they usually would. Shopping habits are changing to reflect restrictions, with 66% increasing online spending and 50% purchasing more from local businesses, finding the perfect present is still a priority.

Shopping for children can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from, so what’s featuring on Santa’s list the most this year?

1. Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition

The Mandalorian has become the must-watch show on Disney+. So, it should come as no surprise that its loveable The Child character, dubbed Baby Yoda by fans, is featuring on many Christmas wish lists. The animatronic toy features motorised movements, will make sounds and ‘use the force’ when it’s patted on the head three times; it’s perfect for fans of Star Wars. For younger children, you can buy a plush version too, ideal for having a cuddle with!

2. Botley 2.0

STEM toys that encourage children to explore science, technology, engineering and maths have become hugely popular. Botley 2.0 is a coding robot that comes with endless challenges and obstacle pieces. Children can programme Botley to do a sequence of up to 150 steps, helping them to learn to code from the get-go. As well as coding, it’s designed to enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills too, while still being fun and imaginative.

3. Feathers and Feeling Peacock

For toddlers and young children, the bright colours, lights and sounds of this interactive peacock are perfect for capturing their attention. The eight emotion feather tails can be taken on or off, with each leading to a different reaction from the peacock, helping young children to explore emotions. It also helps them discover colours, shapes and numbers. With three different modes of play, it’s a toy that can grow with them too.

4. Earth Heroes

Books have long featured on children’s wish lists and this year Earth Heroes is set to be one of the bestsellers. The book features 20 people that have made a difference to tackling climate change. Among the inspiring individuals are David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. The colourful illustrations make it a beautiful gift for children and offers a selection of stories from around the world that show the different ways people are taking action.

5. Lego’s Adventures with Mario Starter Course

Lego has become a staple on the Christmas gift list and continues to be a favourite among children. One of the most sought after sets this year features Mario and takes you back to the original video game. Using traditional Lego bricks and new obstacle pieces, children can create their own adventure course with an interactive Mario. Seven action bricks trigger different reactions from the character as kids try to beat their top score.

6. Laser Battle Hunters

For kids that love cars, Laser Battle Hunters is the next step. It comes with two remote-controlled vehicles that go faster than the average toy and can drift, perfect for getting away from your opponent. The aim is to use the built-in infrared cannon to blast the other car three times to win. It can be used in single-player mode too, giving players 60 seconds to hit the targets as many times as possible as it races around and returns fire.

7. Rollin’ Rovee

Rollin’ Rovee is an interactive friend for infants and toddlers, with different modes of play to suit the child as they grow. Each of the play modes includes lights, music and activities that are designed to get little ones moving. The toy can clap, play peek-a-boo and roll over so crawling babies can chase it. As they get older, children will be able to play with a ball with Rollin’ Rovee and learn the alphabet, numbers and more.

8. Paw Patrol Dino Patroller

If you know a child that loves watching the action of Adventure Bay in Paw Patrol, the latest toy from the franchise will let them play out their own rescue missions. The new Dino Patroller is motorised and includes a projectile launcher, perfect for going on prehistoric missions. The toy comes with a figure of Paw Patrol member Chase and, of course, a T-Rex that’s in trouble.

9. Hatchimals Crystal Flyers

Hatchimals have featured on letters to Santa for a few years now, and this year Crystal Flyers are popular. The pixie’s glittery wing will spin and flutter when turned on allowing her to fly. Children can then use their hands to guide her in the air to make her do acrobatics and dance.

10. A classic board game with a twist

A board game is a great way to spend some time as a family over the festive period. This year, there are a few classic games that have been given a twist to keep you entertained. Whether the original is a family favourite or you want to try something new Uno Flip, Cluedo Liar’s Edition or Monopoly Sore Loser are an excellent addition to the presents under the Christmas tree this year.

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