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Karen and Dick

Business owner

Client name(s): Karen & Dick Faithfull

Client location (city/county): Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire

Client since (year): 1995

Client type: Business owner

Karen and Dick have been together since 1995 and married in 2007. Karen, now 64, worked in the public sector for half of her working life, and was self-employed for the remainder. This meant that she had a mix of company pensions along with a small private pension.

Dick is 62. He worked as an Agricultural Advisor in the public sector for half of his working life, and in the same role as a self-employed contractor for the remainder. He had a pension from his previous employment and a small portfolio of share investments.

The couple jointly have a portfolio of domestic rental properties, which provide a supplementary income.

What prompted Karen and Dick to seek financial advice?

Very wisely, Karen and Dick decided 30 years ago, that they needed to start considering how best to be financially secure when they reached their sixties; ideally with a simplified portfolio of investment and savings.

How did Chris help?

Chris consolidated their pensions so that they each had an individual pension and savings portfolio that projected the gains they hoped to achieve. Dick says: “At the start of the process it seemed a bit of a long term objective, but over the years, Chris has listened to our ideas and suggestions and put into place the necessary strategies to achieve our goals.”

How have Karen and Dick benefited from our advice?

Two years ago, Karen and Dick decided that they wanted to reduce their working schedules and look forward to the next stage of their lives. They met with Chris and shared their plans.

He then further advised and consolidated their investments and pensions. 12 months ago, they relocated to the Cotswolds with the confidence that their financial position is comfortable.

Karen finished full time work when she was 60 and is now semi-retired, managing the day to day administration on their rental property portfolio. Dick is also semi-retired, working by choice, around two days a week as an advisor.

In Karen’s words: “We lead an active life and enjoy activities that we can comfortably afford to do. These include being away for around five months of the year travelling, visiting our French cottage, adventure holidaying and experiencing new activities.  We own a property in France and have a motorhome which are things that 30 years ago, we only dared hope to achieve.”

What our clients say

We have used Advice Matters to advise us and manage our finances for over 20 years. At this stage in our lives, we are now seeing things come to fruition and have peace of mind financially that we have reached our goals.

Our friend in Kendal

We've been talking since 1999

I'm very grateful for all Chris's good, solid and useful advice in planning for the future years!

Our friend in London

We've been talking since 2014

I was a bit scared about having a financial adviser until I met Chris Wheatman. He quickly put my mind at rest; no rushing, no selling, just keeping all information simple, in a language I could understand.

Our friend in Bolton-le-Sands

We've been talking since 2019

I have worked with Advice Matters since the business started. Between us, we have regularly reviewed my choice of investments and investment performance. I am pleased to say I am ready for retirement now at the age of 55.

Our friend in Wilmslow

We've been talking since 2004

I have used Advice Matters for about 20 years and have always found them to be a knowledgeable and professional team. My loyalty is to Chris Wheatman personally as he has always been my point of contact. Changing circumstances require changing advice and he has always been able to adapt financial products in a needs-appropriate way.

Our friend in Brazil

We've been talking since 1999

I have been dealing with Advice Matters since I started my first job when I was 17 years of age. The advice that has been given over the past 27 years has been great. Whether it was when I took out my first pension, right through to owning my own house and having to take out life insurance. A company I can recommend to any friends knowing they will be well looked after.

Our friend in Windermere

We've been talking since 1992

Advice Matters have changed my view of IFAs, with a client-focused approach, and a genuine concern for my priorities. I feel that with Chris and his team I have someone really competent at my side.

Our friend in Hereford

We've been talking since 2016

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