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Chris Rhodes

My name is Chris and I’ve worked with Chris at Advice Matters for about a year and a half, although I have known him for longer than that.

I first got in touch with Chris because I needed help transferring my ringfenced pension from a previous employer. I was looking at moving it into a vehicle that would work better for me in retirement and combining it with my existing employer’s pension when I came to retirement, which has now happened.

Chris has helped me by putting my pension into a vehicle that confirms to me that things are safe, as non-risky as possible, and allows me to plan forward for my family beyond my pensionable life.

Working with Chris has given me the confidence that I would be financially secure in my retirement, and the continual updates that we have reinforce that. Bringing my wife and her pension into the picture has made things even better because the two of us can rest easy. With the continual updates, we can look at things and be sure that “Yep, things are going in the right direction” and we’re happy.

Without Chris’s advice, I think the two of us wouldn’t have the same confidence going forward, because we wouldn’t necessarily understand the position we were in. If you’re in a company pension, then that just moves over into retirement. Well, I’ve not been in that position, but I would assume that you wouldn’t know that things were okay and that things were looking okay going forwards. So, yeah, I’m pretty happy.

For me, “retirement”, the word, doesn’t really mean anything. It’s moving on to another chapter, allowing me to have time to do the things I enjoy doing, to do jobs that I want to do – paid jobs, as well as unpaid jobs. It’s just given me the freedom to do things while I’m fit and healthy enough to do them. I don’t want to reach a position where I look back and wish I’d known more and that I could have retired earlier. Or that I could have retired at the age that I have, but not realised it until 5-10 years further down the track.

My wife has taken advice from Chris, too, and she still works part-time, although that is now going to stop because working interferes with some of the trips and things that we want to do. So, we’ve gone back and spoken to Chris, just to reassure ourselves that “Yes, I’m in a good position and, yes, she will be in a good position, and we can do the things that we want to do. Or bring the plans or the funds forward”. So, we’re happy that we’ve spoken to him and that we’re with him. If we were probably at our old company pensions, we wouldn’t know that without digging around quite a lot. Now, to be quite honest, I’m not really sure who else we would speak to. We’d go full circle and would end up coming back and speaking to somebody like Chris. So, I’m happy with where we’re at right now.

I think the best thing about working with Chris is essentially that if you’ve got any concerns whatsoever, no matter how trivial it may appear, he’s always there to answer the questions, or the back office are there if he’s away. I’ve just got the confidence that I know where I am, which is good. I know where I’m going. I’m happy with the choices I’ve made. And if I needed to change anything, he’s a phone call or an email away.

I think the three words I’d use to describe Chris are: reliable, informative, and available.

In my discussions with Chris, one of the things that’s left me very happy is the fact that I’ve discussed my two children and how they can benefit from my pension when I’m no longer here. I’m also happy with how he can advise them on their future pensions, because it’s important to start at a young age to benefit when you’re at the age that I’m at. That has been very, very important to me and to my wife and makes me rest easy at night.

I would recommend Chris and Advice Matters wholeheartedly. When I’ve needed to speak to Chris or I’ve had any concerns, he’s either been readily available or he’s come straight back to me. If I’ve needed to deal with the back office, and have asked a question, there’s always been an answer or he’s been contacted to clarify. I feel that if I need to speak to someone at Advice Matters, there’s someone there that I’ve spoken to before who I can deal with.

What our clients say

We have used Advice Matters to advise us and manage our finances for over 20 years. At this stage in our lives, we are now seeing things come to fruition and have peace of mind financially that we have reached our goals.

Our friend in Kendal

We've been talking since 1999

I'm very grateful for all Chris's good, solid and useful advice in planning for the future years!

Our friend in London

We've been talking since 2014

I was a bit scared about having a financial adviser until I met Chris Wheatman. He quickly put my mind at rest; no rushing, no selling, just keeping all information simple, in a language I could understand.

Our friend in Bolton-le-Sands

We've been talking since 2019

I have worked with Advice Matters since the business started. Between us, we have regularly reviewed my choice of investments and investment performance. I am pleased to say I am ready for retirement now at the age of 55.

Our friend in Wilmslow

We've been talking since 2004

I have used Advice Matters for about 20 years and have always found them to be a knowledgeable and professional team. My loyalty is to Chris Wheatman personally as he has always been my point of contact. Changing circumstances require changing advice and he has always been able to adapt financial products in a needs-appropriate way.

Our friend in Brazil

We've been talking since 1999

I have been dealing with Advice Matters since I started my first job when I was 17 years of age. The advice that has been given over the past 27 years has been great. Whether it was when I took out my first pension, right through to owning my own house and having to take out life insurance. A company I can recommend to any friends knowing they will be well looked after.

Our friend in Windermere

We've been talking since 1992

Advice Matters have changed my view of IFAs, with a client-focused approach, and a genuine concern for my priorities. I feel that with Chris and his team I have someone really competent at my side.

Our friend in Hereford

We've been talking since 2016

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