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Advice Matters vs Social Media

Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat.

So much social media out there – where do we need to appear and will it help us or our clients at all????

These were the questions that the Advice Matters team posed to themselves about 18 months ago.

Having just updated our website with a shiny new version with lots of client testimonies on, would we need anything else?

Turns out, that in this day and age, especially through the last year, social media is where it is at. We can keep in touch with you all, hear your thoughts, post relevant articles and generally tell you what we are up to. In addition, you can tell everyone what you think of us.

As you know, Chris cannot currently meet with you in person to carry out your regular reviews. Nor can he meet prospective new clients. He’s missing having a coffee and catch-up with you.

Until things return to a new normal, embracing all forms of communication with you and the use of social media is our current way of staying in touch.

Building a strong relationship and confidence for new clients, as well as maintaining contact with existing clients is strengthened by how we are seen through the various internet windows into Advice Matters Financial Planning. Everyone today is searching for social proof and it has become really important to us.

You, explaining how and why you have benefitted from working with Advice Matters Financial Planning is the best social proof we can have. We know our lovely clients are happy to refer us to their friends, but what about the person looking from scratch. Hearing a real-life experience of how we are helping you to retire, plan for it or better still, enjoying your retirement, is the best way to ensure those new clients can benefit from Chris’s experience.

It puts a human touch on finance. We know it is not about pensions, ISAs, and tax. It is about having the life you want. In fact, our slogan is: ‘For the life you want, with the money you have’.

So, to this end, we have a request. Please join in or start a conversation – we love hearing from you.

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And of course, let us know of anyone who you think could benefit from a chat with Chris.

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